Pure Organic Argan oil Cosmetic (30 ML) % - ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
Cosmetic ND Argan oil
Cosmetic ND Argan oil
Pure Organic Argan oil Cosmetic (30 ML) -  ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
Pure Organic Argan oil Cosmetic (30 ML) -  ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil

Pure Organic Argan oil Cosmetic (30 ML)

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Cosmetic ND Argan oil 

Obtained by pressing almonds from the argan tree nuts,  our organic Cosmetic ND Argan oil is very rich and has countless virtues for the skin, nails and hair. Regenerating and softening, organic and natural argan oil is traditionally used in all rituals and beauty treatments by Berber women. Argan oil offers exceptional restorative characteristics to respond to the aggressions of the wind, cold or sun.

Discover the selection of our Cosmetic ND Argan oil from ZineGlob . This vegetable oil is ideal for taking care of dry skin and mature skin, but also dry and damaged hair.

Cosmetic ND Argan oil

Why us?

Our organic Cosmetic ND Argan oil is cold pressed from argan kernels using a mechanical process that preserves the integrity of the ingredient composition. This Argan oil is 100% organic pure and clean of any chemicals or pesticides. we can apply to hair, as a skin moisturizer, and as an anti-aging oil.

we have a tendency to suggest on our ZineGlob natural organic cosmetic ND argan oil, that conjointly carries FDA and USDA certification for organic cosmetics.

Our organic Cosmetic ND Argan oil is a 100% pure and natural oil, which people might use it alone or combined with different ingredients in cosmetics. A bottle of this oil lasts an extended time, because the oil is incredibly economical. It’s accessible currently in bottles of 30ml.

Cosmetic ND Argan oil


  • Nourishing: this vegetable oil is the ally of dry skin and hair, which it deeply nourishes.

  • Repairing: it repairs split ends and helps blemishes and small ailments to heal.

  • Healing: it is ideal as a treatment for damaged skin.

  • Softening and toning: argan oil brings elasticity, tone and suppleness to the skin. Rich in antioxidants, it helps prevent signs of aging.

  • Protective: it reinforces the barrier function of the skin and the hair fiber and protects them from external aggressions

Benefits and use of Cosmetic ND Argan oil ON THE SKIN


Cosmetic ND Argan oil :  for Dry skins

Argan oil is very popular with dry skin because it deeply nourishes and hydrates, while protecting and repairing the skin. It is also an excellent remedy for skin that tends to have eczema or psoriasis. On the lips, argan oil moisturizes, treats and limits the appearance of chapping.

for Mature skin

Mature skin particularly appreciates our cosmetic ND argan oil because it is a precious anti-aging treatment. It restores tone and elasticity to skin lacking firmness. Associated with certain essential oils, it becomes a formidable ally against the aging of the skin, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For a complexion radiant with vitality!

Skin with imperfections

our cosmetic ND argan oil is also suitable for skin with blemishes such as spots, traces of old scars, redness... Indeed, its healing properties are very sovereign in helping small skin conditions to resolve more easily. This vegetable oil would also help reduce small inflammations of the skin that can turn into pimples.


Cosmetic ND Argan oil for Dry skins

our cosmetic ND argan oil is ideal for dry and damaged skin. It deeply nourishes, repairs the skin and pampers the most sensitive areas of dryness that tend to have cracks, especially the hands and feet.

For the nails, argan oil is wonderful, it hydrates the cuticles and strengthens the nails.

Cosmetic ND Argan oil for Mature skin

The anti-aging and toning properties of our argan oil make it a very popular treatment for firming the skin, especially the décolleté. This area of ​​the body generally sees the signs of skin aging appear at the same time as the face. It is therefore a complete treatment for mature skin, from head to toe!


for Dry hair

Argan oil takes care of dry hair, from ends to lengths. It nourishes the hair fiber, repairs damaged ends and protects the hair from external aggressions. That's why we love it so much to take care of the hair after returning from vacation in the sun ;-) As a mask, conditioner or styling treatment, this precious oil sublimates your mane!

Usage tips :

For skin : 

  • As a moisturizer: argan oil can be used as a moisturizer in its own right. Take a few drops of oil and warm it between your hands before applying it to your clean, dry face. Massage until completely absorbed. Then complete your routine with an aloe vera cream or gel.
  • By removing make-up: argan oil is ideal for gently removing make-up from the skin while moisturizing it. Take a few drops of oil then massage your face, insisting on the made-up areas or using a damp washable wipe. Emulsify with water, then rinse and cleanse with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type.
  • In lip balm: massage 2 drops of argan oil on your lips to moisturize them, soften them and prevent chapping.
  • Argan oil is applied all over the body to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. To do this, massage in a few drops of oil and massage in using circular movements.
  • It is also applied more locally on the drier parts of the body, even prone to cracks, eczema, psoriaris or even scabs.
  • In the bath: a few drops of argan oil in your bath water and here is very soft skin (note that the oil is not diluted with water, but you can play with the oil in the water) !
  • For the nails: this oil nourishes and strengthens the nails. Massage 1 drop of oil on your nails once every evening for 10 days, for pretty hands

For hair: 

  • As a mask: to take advantage of all the benefits of argan oil on dry hair, it is recommended to take an oil bath once a week. Attention, oil bath means that we apply with coated fingers the equivalent of 2 tablespoons maximum on the head. Never pour the oil directly on the hair.
  • As a conditioner: rub 2 or 3 drops of argan oil on your wet and towel-dried lengths after shampooing, comb through and let dry.
  • In hair serum: apply a few drops of argan oil on dry ends and to finalize styling.


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