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Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil
Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil
Whitening Cream

Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil

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Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil from the NOIX D'OR range is a beautifying treatment with triple actions. It corrects dark spots, rectifies dull and uneven complexions and hydrates the skin while respecting its cutaneous balance.

Based on an ultra-powerful brightening active ingredient, organic argan oil. Moreover, this cream softens, softens and moisturizes your skin while giving it a long-lasting subtle and radiant complexion.

Whitening Cream Let the dark spots and discolored skin be the thing of the past with skin lightening cream. Whitening Cream Argan Oil is Formulated with natural ingredients, this skin Whitening Cream Argan Oil will help you fight all major skin issue you struggle with:
- Dark spots
- Uneven skin tone
- Excessive pigmentation
- Skin discoloration
- Brown spots and Melasma


Shop with us now this Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil. Its formula is suitable for all skin types, made with natural and organic ingredient; organic argan oil. It is safe and delicate for use on intimate areas and sensitive skin.

In addition, this intimate bleaching cream is  easy to use solution for problem skin. Just add this cream to your daily beauty routine to restore a radiant bright looking skin you deserve.

Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil

PROPERTIES of Skin Whitening Cream with Argan Oil

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS WITH ADVANCED FORMULA. This Cream incorporates within it all the benefits of premium natural ingredient of Organic argan oil. That is widely famous for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.
  • FOR A LUMINOUS COMPLEXION - Argan Face Brightening Cream is an ideal way to regain a luminous complexion by combating common skin blemishes including hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It hydrates the skin in depth and also allows, thanks to the incorporation of carrot and argan oil, to more easily achieve your quest for a radiant and even complexion.
  • BRIGHTEN / MOISTURIZE / REVITALIZE - Brightening and illuminating being the main goals of the cream and also contributing to radiant and glowing skin. A variety of natural components have been chosen to take care of your skin in depth.
  • SAFE TO USE ON ALL SKIN TYPES - Formulated with a range of natural ingredients carefully selected by experts to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, this unique cream is safe to use and will give you a healthy skin look and harmonious. In addition, it is harmless and does not cause any known side effects.

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