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A real source of cosmetic wealth, anti-wrinkle prickly pear oil is extremely rare due to its constantly changing demand and its declining agricultural presence.

The elements naturally present in prickly pear oil make it the reference vegetable oil for limiting the appearance of wrinkles. Very famous for its anti-aging properties.

Its richness in vitamin E, omega-6 and sterols makes this precious oil an exceptional ingredient to fight against the signs of skin aging. It works wonders for maintaining the suppleness and tone of the skin.

Prickly pear, powerful anti-aging. Thanks to its antioxidant active ingredients and its extraordinary vitamin E content, this oil is ideal for mature skin. It is a very effective anti-aging agent that helps reduce wrinkles, dark circles and sagging skin,

As hydration plays a major role in the appearance of wrinkles, the richness of the components of this oil helps preserve youthful and radiant skin. It is an nti-aging care on the whole face or on targeted areas. Unlike most natural oils, the light and non-greasy texture of prickly pear oil is very effective in eye contour care because it quickly penetrates the skin.


Discover the natural and organic anti-wrinkle prickly pear oil offered by ZineGlob with several advantages. Natural, organic, extracted by cold-press and very beneficial. In general, opt for prickly pear oil to benefit from 100% of its benefits, without this product being denatured by any chemical components. Ranging from totally organic product certified from FDA and USDA.


Prickly pear oil is mainly famous for its dermo-cosmetic properties. Indeed, its composition gives it multiple attributes that sublimate the epidermis and blur the signs of time. It is the seeds contained in the prickly pear that present an incredible richness.

  • Anti-aging: for comparison, prickly pear oil contains 100 mg of vitamin E per 100 g and 1000 mg of sterols. Vitamin E and sterols are natural antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals resulting in skin aging. In addition to protecting cells from precipitated oxidation, sterols moisturize and promote the hydrolipidic retention of the skin.
  • All its virtues slow down the appearance of wrinkles and signs of time on the skin.
  • Softener: Prickly pear seed oil contains palmitic acid which moisturizes and protects the skin to make it softer. By providing all the elements it needs, the epidermis is softened durably.
  • Protects and strengthens: full of linoleic acid also called Omega 6 (62%), this prodigious oil firms and solidifies the skin barrier and helps fight various skin infections such as eczema or psoriasis. This active principle is essential for our body which cannot synthesize it itself. It is therefore by external intake that we must provide the skin with this essential nutrient. Prickly pear oil is perfect for this.
  • Revitalizes: ideal for dull and lifeless complexions, its unsaturated fatty acids restructure and nourish to give tone and radiance.


massage a few drops of this anti-wrinkle prickly pear oil morning and evening on your face. To amplify the effects of the oil, enjoy some precious anti-aging massages.

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