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Hands are very often face hard conditions : cold, manual work, hard water... It is necessary to moisturize them regularly to avoid irritation and other tightness. The Argan Oil Hand Cream exploits all the nutritional virtues of argan, without distorting them. Because the oil is extracted by first cold pressing. The hand cream is a real revitalizing organic treatment. Its creamy texture does not stick and leaves a light scent.

Enriched with repairing and healing argan oil, this cream deeply hydrates and repairs dry and damaged hands. Therefore, the hands are supple, soft and lightly scented.

Moisturizing cream based on Argan oil ideal for dry skin. Argan oil has moisturizing properties that were famous for decades. It helps firm the skin while making it more supple, without leaving a greasy film. It is a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands.


This Hand Cream is essentially composed of organic argan oil, so it is extremely rich in natural fatty acids, in Omega 6, but also in antioxidants. Both beauty and comfort care, this soft and light cream acts in a flash to revitalize, soften and moisturize the epidermis of the hands.

With exemplary natural formulations, organic ingredients and best prices. We place our greatest efforts to produce the most effective quality products, that are natural, organic and absolutely clean of any harmful chemicals. Certified by worldwide organizations such as USDA and FDA.


  • NOURISHES YOUR HANDS AND NAILS: Argan Oil Hand Cream has been specially formulated using a unique blend of Argan Oil  to nourish your hands and nails, leaving them soft and smooth.
  • Intense Moisturizer: Delivers rich hydration and deep nourishment to skin exposed to adverse weather conditions and environmental aggressors. The moisturizing cream provides immediate comfort and nourishing care for dry, cracked hands.
  • STUNNING NAIL STRENGTHENING: Argan Oil is an ideal beauty therapy that gradually improves nail strength and promotes nail growth for a refined, flawless texture.
  • Powerful anti-aging action: the rich hand therapy works against the effects of aging on the skin of the hands. The product keeps hands perfectly hydrated, improves firmness and elasticity.


Apply generously by massaging on the hands, until completely absorbed. Renew the application several times a day if necessary.

For best results apply after hand washing, after bathing, and at bedtime, as these are the most effective times for moisturizing extremely dry skin.

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