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The Regenerating Argan oil Foot Cream rich in argan oil and shea butter gives dry heels and feet the softness they need. With its rich and delicate texture, it deeply hydrates and nourishes your feet without leaving a greasy feel. So that your feet will regain comfort and flexibility.

Moisturizing and soothing cream for chapped and cracked feet. Its strong moisturizing and antioxidant power compensates in depth for the undernutrition of the skin of chapped feet.

The nourishing treatment repairs and protects your feet Regenerates and protects the skin. Softens and softens - and Penetrates quickly. Apply with fingertips, massaging gently until completely absorbed several times a day and at bedtime.

With a creamy texture, it naturally revitalizes the skin, helps to limit water loss and strengthens its elasticity. Moreover, this cream has antioxidant and regenerating properties , it nourishes, protects and restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin and fights against skin ageing.


Thanks to our passion for beayty and for traditional products, we offer you argan oil foot cream, made from 100% organic certified argan oil, and natural ingredients.

Softening Foot Cream With Argan Oil and Shea Butter to soften calloused feet. Restore and maintain your skin's youthful appearance with the unique silk peptide matrix. In addition, Foot Cream Argan Oil is formulated with vitamins and shea butter to soften and revitalize your feet when life leaves them rough and dry.

The combination of vitamins E nourish the skin and soften callouses with the softness of Argan Oil and shea butter, leaving a fresh scent on your revitalized skin. Moreover, the rich Foot Cream  moisturizes skin quickly for soft, velvety-feeling feet.

With exemplary natural and organic formulations. We do our best efforts to produce and offer the most effective quality products, that are natural, organic and absolutely clean of any harmful chemicals. Certified by worldwide organizations such as USDA and FDA.


This foot cream with organic Moroccan argan oil and organic shea butter, nourishes, moisturizes and relieves dry or damaged feet.

  • Relieves dry or damaged feet
  • Protects the upper skin layers
  • Rapid absorption and a dry touch
  • Makes feet soft
  • Anti-wrinkle, it helps regenerate the skin and prevent the effects of aging.


  • Apply at any time of the day if the skin is dry.
  • Apply all over the feet, massaging from the extremities to the ankle.

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