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natural organic argan oil

Natural organic argan oil 100 ml

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 Natural Organic Argan oil 

For centuries local women have extracted natural organic Argan Oil for use in cooking and traditional medicine. In recent years this golden-coloured oil has gained international recognition as an ingredient in personal care products and also as a heart-healthy gourmet product. Natural organic Argan oil comes from the argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in southwest Morocco.

Our oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan fruit. Due to its natural containment of many essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9), high tocopherols( vitamin A and E) anti-oxidants ,pure natural organic Argan Oil nourishes, heals and beautifes. It poses many benefits for both hair and skin.

Argan Oil is well-tried to:

  • Defend skin from sun harm
  • Facilitate to heal broken skin cells and cut back inflammation
  • act as a moisturiser and anti-ager.
  • forestall and cut back stretch marks
  • heal skin infections
  • guarantee lips keep plump
  • restore skin, hair and nails
  • rejuvenate and revitalize hair and skin normally.natural organic argan oil

Why us?

Using cold-pressing process from argan kernels, this method preserves the integrity of the ingredient composition this natural organic argan oil is first grade and 100% organic pure and natural to propose the best quality to our customers. Our natural organic argan oil is not so heavy and completely clean of any chemicals. It is important to choose an organic product.

Therefore, we recommend on our ZineGlob natural organic argan oil, which also carries the USDA and FDA certification for organic cosmetics. Argan oil is a 100% pure and natural product, which can be used alone or combined with other ingredients in cosmetics. A bottle of this oil lasts a long time, as the oil is very economical.  It’s available now in 100 ml.

natural organic argan oil

Benefits of natural organic argan oil for skin and hair

This oil is rich in many natural ingredients among them vitamin E, vitamin A and lots of antioxidants. Its components are particularly valuable for the skin and hair due to their moisturizing properties. Therefore, it is increasingly put in skin and hair care cosmetic products. among  the main benefits of natural organic argan oil we find:

Face and body care

It preserves the hydration of the skin and has softening properties. Its high content of vitamin E and various fatty acids make it the perfect care product for the skin. It is quickly absorbed which make it also be used in facial care.


Argan oil makes hair softer and shinier. It is ideal as a conditioner, it helps especially to get rid of split ends.

Styling product

Argan oil is often used for hairstyles, as it tames and smooths hair, while giving it a healthy shine. Just pour a few drops of oil into your palms, rub them between them and run your hand through the hair, so as to "comb" it with your fingers.

Anti-aging treatment

Applied regularly, argan oil reduces wrinkles as it hydrates the skin. Its antioxidant properties make it a perfect anti-aging treatment oil. It also as well helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. Just massage a few drops of oil in the evening all over the face.

For dry skin

People with dry skin and prone to associated problems - such as itching - can benefit from the benefits of argan oil. Vitamin E and fatty acids both help to repair and nourish damaged skin as well as preventing and getting rid of dryness.

In case of acne

Argan oil soothes and helps the skin to heal. Acne is often comes as a result of oily-prone skin. Argan oil having no lubricating action, it helps the skin to regain its natural balance, while moisturizing it naturally. Its antioxidant components help to repair damaged skin cells. Just apply a little oil to clean, dry skin in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before bedtime.

Hand, foot and nail care

The softening properties of the natural organic argan oil are ideal and great for brittle nails, dry hands and also for rough skin on the feet. This natural organic argan oil nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin, while toning the nails. Applying a few drops of this oil with a massage on these areas before going to bed are enough.

Lip balm

Argan oil is also a wonderful treatment for the lips. One or two drops are enough to massage into the lips - wipe off the excess if necessary. It softens, softens and perfectly heals chapped lips, especially in winter!

When to use natural organic argan oil ?

The best time to use Argan Oil and its best absorption is on a completely clean skin and on a completely clean hair, especially after bathing. It is easily absorbed and leaves no trace, benefits are better and results are quicker to appear. Try massaging a few drops of Argan Oil into cuticles, hands and feet before bed each night. With its multiple uses, beauty properties of cosmetics and benefits.

How to use natural organic argan oil for the skin?

Argan oil is used both on the face, but also on the body to nourish your skin every day and bring it softness and protection.

In order to take advantage of all the effects of natural organic argan oil, you can use it pure or through organic cosmetic products concentrated in argan oil.

Suitable for all skin types, natural organic argan oil fits perfectly into your beauty routine, for sublimated and radiant skin.

How to use natural organic argan oil for hair?

Natural organic Argan oil is regenerating and intensely nourishes your hair. It is an ideal treatment to protect your hair from external aggressions such as pollution, the sun's rays or the wind.

It gives strength and shine to hair, from scalp to ends. Promoting hair growth, natural organic argan oil is a real ally in hair care.

Our oil can be applied as a mask, all over your head, strand by strand. You can then massage your scalp in small circular movements, and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Then, wash your hair twice in a row to remove oil residue, and discover your hair softened and in great shape.

It is also used in a few drops in your hair products. This allows you to benefit from the effects of argan oil with each wash. Also apply a little argan oil on dry hair in case of frizz.

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