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Damascena roses are a main ingredient in many medical remedies and even cosmetics. This natural product is just perfect to fight depression, to kill germs and bacteria, to solve the problem of lack of appetite and anorexia, to heal liver congestion, nausea, kidney stones and bladder infections among other problems. Damascena roses are efficient againt insomnia, anxiety and apathy as they help to prevent  depression. They are also related to female beauty and used in skincare regimes. This product is used as face toner, tightening on capillaries and redness reducer. Damascena roses are amazing for their  cleansing and antiseptic caracteristics, they prevent rashes, swelling, sores and cuts.

How to use :

Damascena roses can be ground to use the powder as a hair or facial mask. As it can be added to ghassoul or henna. Just add a handful of roses in the bathtub to enjoy a flavored steam bath as well as the benefits of damascina petals that regulate the PH of the skin.

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