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Obtained by a process of distillation of the flower, organic damask rose water is a hydrosol that has many benefits for the skin, especially that of the face. Among the many existing varieties, the Damask rose has the best yield.

Astringent and tensor, this hydrosol is an essential ingredient to prevent and fight against the signs of skin aging. Used in your preparations, this hydrosol, also called rose water, purifies, refreshes and softens the skin; it is ideal for delicate skin.

Organic damask rose water is a true ally of the skin, which it will not only cleanse, but also tone, without forgetting of course it’s refreshing effect and its subtle scent. 

In addtion, mature skin will appreciate it for its anti-aging action. And as inner well-being contributes greatly to outer beauty, you should also know that it is very popular in olfactotherapy to soothe tensions and help find inner peace.


Obtained by distillation of organic moroccan damascena roses, the rose water is famous not only for its amazing fragrance but also its natural characteristics since it’s rich in antioxidants. This 100% organic product can be combined to various ingredients to create a varity of masks and beauty products for both hair and skin. It’s available in 5 liters, 10 liters bulks and even in metallic drums of 220 liters.


In beauty, the organic damask rose hydrosol is famous for these properties:

  • Astringent, it tones the skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle, it helps to reinvigorate the skin and prevent the effects of aging.
  • Refreshing, it soothes skin prone to redness and allergies
  • Its powerful, fresh and subtle fragrance brings a sweet smell of Rose to your home cosmetics.
  • Possessing an affinity for the heart and the emotional sphere of body and mind, it promotes balance, the processing of emotions, decision-making and the accomplishment of one's projects.
  • Positive and harmonizing, it soothes and brings a sense of balance and helps dissipate stress and nervous tension.
  • Flower of femininity par excellence, the Rose accompanies women towards a fulfilling sexuality.
  • Symbol of love, the hydrosol of Rose brings towards a feeling of peace.


On the skin

  • Astringent: the main particularity of rose water is its astringent power. This means that it helps to tighten the tissues of the skin. Perfect for combating dilated pores, this property helps to give the skin a softness and a smooth and soft appearance.
  • Sebum regulator: the aforementioned property has a dual role. It also helps to control the amount of sebum naturally secreted by the skin via the sebaceous glands. By vasoconstrictor effect, the surplus of sebum is limited. This particularly delights oily skin and is highly recommended for treating acne-prone skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle: rose water helps tone the skin and improve its elasticity. Used regularly, it helps delay the appearance of wrinkles caused, among other things, by a loss of tone in the epidermis.
  • Soothing: roses have a soothing and refreshing power. Very practical to fight against irritations or allergies, it soothes the most fragile skins prone to this kind of inconvenience.
  • Intoxicating: the scent of rose hydrosol is pleasantly intoxicating, helping to calm the mind and reduce stress.
  • Make-up remover: rose water is traditionally used as a make-up remover using a cotton ball soaked in it. Its soothing virtues will be perfect for ladies.
  • Relieves the eyes: during eye irritation, it is possible to pour 1 or 2 drops of rose water into the eye to relieve infections. This property is complementary to its makeup-removing aspect. However, be careful about the composition of your rose water before applying it to the eyes. It must be pure without added elements, especially no alcohol or perfumes.
  • Anti-dark circles: used as a compress on the eyes, its toning benefits will blur dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eye.

On the hair

  • Perfect for oily hair, rose water (as for the skin) regulates the sebum secreted by the hair. 
  • Tones lifeless hair by invigorating it and providing its toning and moisturizing properties.
  • Ideal for itchy scalp, caused for example by coloring products. Apply to the skull in massage, it will calm irritations and at the same time, the appearance of dandruff.
  • Perfuming, rose water gives the hair its pleasant and pleasant smell.


In cutaneous use, in order to avoid waste, it is preferable to soak the rose water on a cotton pad or compress and apply it to clean, dry skin. As a general rule, we recommend to  perform horizontal movements at the level of the forehead. Between the corner of the inner eye towards the ears, perform curved movements. And finally vertical movements between the temples and the jaw.

organic damask rose water can also be applied to the neck and around the eyes.

As a compress on the eyes, it will help deflate puffiness and fade dark circles.

On the hair, apply rose water after shampooing, rubbing lightly or soak your ends. On the scalp, massage the scalp with your fingertips, applying the water directly to the skin.

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