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Premium Natural Argan Tanning Oil

Known for its nourishing virtue, argan oil allows you to bring your skin back to life while deeply moisturizing it. Containing vitamin E and carotene, natural argan tanning oil quickly activates the tan of your skin. During your sunbathing, it acts immediately to assign the shade of your dreams.

Argan tanning oil for a tanned complexion. Our tanning oil moisturizes the skin thanks to its pure argan oil. It will be ideal for fairly resistant skin such as dark skin and intermediate skin.

Our tanning oil prepares your skin for tanning and reduces exposure time, while providing deep hydration and thus preventing dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. For a sublime tan and ultimate hydration, activate your youth.

This indulgent self-tanning body oil features a unique blend of 100% Pure Argan Oil for intense nourishment and fast-absorbing. 100% Pure Argan Oil Light for a semi-matte finish. Natural DHA helps give skin a healthy, even, natural-looking bronzed glow and the luxurious, plush mitt ensures streak-free, blissful application.


Made from pure and 100% natural and organic argan oil and thanks to its abundant composition of vitamin E and carotene, natural argan tanning oil makes the difference compared to others. Not only does it deeply nourish, but it also penetrates to activate a charming tint.

To have a richly nourished and delicately tanned skin, choose our tanning oil for a fast and effective result.

We place our greatest efforts to supply the best quality product, that square measure natural, organic and fully clean of any chemicals. Certified with both USDA and FDA certifications

Offering now the bulk orders, with the most effective prices, alongside bottling, labeling, packing, and shipping.


For those who have a fair complexion and want a little tan, the most effective solution is put in your hands with our argan tanning oil without forgetting that it has a delicious and attractive smell. In addition, it allows you to permanently moisturize your skin during sun exposure.


  • Apply to body using circular motions one section at a time to ensure all areas are equally covered and blended.
  • It is strongly recommended not to stay under the sun between the hours when the sun's rays are intense in order to avoid any harmful effects on your skin (redness, burning, etc.).

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