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Because our hands are an important part of our body that is in plain sight and through which our spirit expresses itself, it is important to take care of them. Protecting your hands then means caring for the nails, which can quickly become dull, fragile, soft and brittle, if they are not regularly and carefully maintained. For this, our nourishing natural nail oil with argan that have proven their long-term benefits on all of your nails.

Argan serum hetps to treat ridged and brittle nails. It is a combination of very effective vegetable oils to strengthen the nails. It is sold in a small bottle, because a few drops are enough for nail massage. It is the ideal product to treat everyday nail problems. A daily application is necessary so that they can enjoy optimized food.

The softness of the almond is associated with the moisturizing and nourishing effects by the prickly pear oil, argan oil and nigella oil to strengthen, nourish and moisturize your nails and cuticles for healthy and beautiful hands.

Moreover, The vitamins ( E and K) and fatty acids of the components nourish the nails and the cuticles to heal the cracks and to bring softness and strenght to your nails. This deeply penetrating and nourishing formula takes care of your hands in gentle way. 



Natural nail oil with argan is a completely natural product. It comes from organic farming. It is a combination of a blend of organic natural vegetable oils. Certified from international institutes such as FDA and USDA

Moreover, it is  rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, antioxidants, and moisturizing properties. Its ingredients are good for the health of the nails and act effectively on those which are soft or damaged. There is no risk of damage to the nails. Opt for this vegetable oil and all the problems of your nails will disappear for good!

In addition, the repair nail oil acts in 2 treatment phases to repair the nails in depth. The formula contains natural oils. Its light formula contains vitamin E and oils of almond, argan, almond and prickly pear oil which helps to hydrates and regenerates the nails.


  • A formula that combines the properties of precious oils: nourishing Almond oil, regenerating Argan oil, restorative prickly pear oil
  • A complete treatment to repair, nourish and push back the cuticles as well as strengthen, harden and whiten the nails.
  • Bi-phase nail oil with moisturizing ingredients. Repair your nails in depth.
  • Contains vitamin E and oils of almond oil, argan oil and prickly pear oil
  • Hydrates and regenerates the nails


After removing polish, cream or any other product from you nails and cuticles, apply this natural nail oil with argan by daily basis using few drops only. Then, massage for a minute to stimulate blood circulation and to help better penetration of the components. It’s more beneficial to use this oil during the night to nourish your nails and cuticles in depth. It’s quickly absorbed and it leaves no greasy residue.


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