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rose milk body lotion


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Revolutionize your beauty with rose milk body lotion. Taking care of your appearance influences your mood, looking radiant will give you the extra energy and strength to face the day.

Organic Damascus Rose Moisturizing milk body Lotion is considered a natural organic cosmetic to provide freshness and hydration. Thanks to this, your skin will regain vitality and luminosity thanks to plant active ingredients such as damask rose floral water.

Absorbed very quickly, this body lotion leaves the skin soft and silky. Based on organic Moroccan Damascus Rose, it deeply hydrates the skin, while the delicate scent of rose envelops the senses. For a pleasant feeling. Moreover, This ultra-nourishing body milk Stimulates the skin's regeneration processes and helps maintain its natural elasticity.

This treatment has been formulated specifically for dry to uncomfortable skin. It softens and refines skin texture while restimulating blood circulation. What to have a radiant complexion. This milk body lotion with damascena rose is suitable for all skin types.


To deal with dry and sensitive skin. ZineGlob has specially formulated this organic body milk with Moroccan Damask Rose and precious oils to soothe and repair dry skin in all circumstances.

This milk body lotion rapidly hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin. It’s rich with essential nutrients and vitamins for skin’s daily requirements to provide maximum vitality and softness. Regenerating and softening, this body milk is famous by its delicate and very natural rose fragrance.

With exemplary natural formulations, organic ingredients and best prices. We place our greatest efforts to produce the most effective quality products. That are natural, organic and absolutely clean of any harmful chemicals. Certified by worldwide organizations such as USDA and FDA.


  • Damascus roses are famous for their delicate fragrance.

  • Damask Rose has an anti-free radical and protective action on the elastic fibers of the skin, thus slowing down skin aging and contributing to the quality (elasticity and suppleness) of tissues.


Apply small quantity of rose milk body lotion on the skin and massage gently to help the penetration of the components deeply in the epidermis. The smell is amazing to perfume your body while moisturizing and nurishing it. Do not rinse after use.

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