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The hair is often very fragile and requires a lot of care. For this Argan oil Hair Serum is a product intended to care for and beautify your hair by simple application after washing.

Thanks to its composition with organic Argan oil which make it a natural concentrate of pure active ingredients. It nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber. This serum guarantees the stimulation of hair growth and the oxygenation of the scalp.

This leave-in serum coats and nourishes the hair. It smooths the hair fiber without weighing it down, repairs damaged ends and prevents frizz. Its non-greasy texture provides protection against external aggressions. And thus preserves the natural shine of the hair and the radiance of the color. Your hair regains all its softness and suppleness.

This hair serum with argan oil has a fresh and pleasant fragrance while reducing the phenomenon of hair breakage and increasing the growth of new hair. Ideal as a hair styling oil. Only a small drop is enough on damp hair so it redefines curls and gives shine while facilitating styling.

It can be used as a shock treatment with hair massages. Or in an occasional oil bath to give a boost before shampooing.

Argan oil Hair Serum has a heavy and rich texture.  Also, it suits all hair types. It is the ideal serum for hair. Just a few drops are enough to renew your hair and make it younger again.


Discover our intense nutrition Argan oil Hair Serum. Its authentic recipe contains Organic and pure Moroccan Argan Oil which is recognized for its nutritional virtues to hair.

At ZineGlob. firstly, We place our greatest efforts to supply to our clients the best quality product, that square measure natural, organic and fully clean of any harmful chemicals. Starting from fully organic product certified from USDA and FDA.

Benefiting from the Bulk orders. We make sure that our costumers get the most affordable prices with many other services such as bottling, labeling, packing, and shipping.


The Argan oil Hair Serum is an essential product that will sublimate your hair and bring firmness. A magnificent hair care product to use as a mask or simply on the ends. So, to give hair radiance, shine and softness in all circumstances thanks to the fruitful combination of organic Argan oil. With many benefits:

  • Organic argan acts as a moisturizing agent for the scalp to fight against dandruff and dry scalp. While repairing the damage caused by daily pollution and chemical treatments and colorings by reducing the loss of proteins. And therefore also allowing to fight against hair breakage.
  • This serum is also a great way to tame frizz and add shine and shine to hair, as well as softer, more manageable hair, all in a subtle sandalwood tone.
  • Tame the hair: the serum greatly helps control frizz and unruly hair.
  • Smooth hair: Thanks to its smoothing agents, a serum makes hair smooth.
  • Bring shine
  • Repair the ends: If you have dry and split ends, a serum comes to renovate the ends and limit the appearance of forks.

Usage tips

On dry or damp hair, place in the palm of the hand a small amount of serum depending on the length of the hair. Distribute the serum evenly through lengths and ends. Do not rinse.

Also You can use this serum every 2 days on the ends and every 4 days or every week on the whole hair.


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