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ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
argan oil hard soap


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Argan, a natural treasure for the skin with exceptional benefits. This oil is rich in antioxidants. That's why we decided to add it as an active ingredient in our latest creation. Organic argan oil hard soap, specially designed for dry and fragile skin.

Natural, ultra-moisturizing and non-irritating, the hard soap with argan oil is rich in omega 6 and vitamin E. So that it effectively fights against dryness and premature aging.

It is made in respect of cosmetic oil of argan. In addition, organic argan oil in this soap is not heated or denatured to be profitable the most to the user. This argan hard soap is rich in natural glycerin and it doesn’t contain any animal fats. 

Moreover,  this hard soap is a gentle cleanser that  people need to be introduce it in daily hygiene routine, since it is not aggressive for the film hydrolipidic skin. This true care washing has soothing and conditioning effects since it’s main ingredient with argan oil which is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids.


Discover the new hard soap offered by ZineGlob with many benefits made from organic argan oil. above all, natural and non-irritating, rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

At ZineGlob. We place our greatest efforts to supply to our clients the best quality product, that square measure natural, organic and fully clean of any harmful chemicals. Starting from fully organic product certified from USDA and FDA.

argan oil hard soap


Characterized with many benefits this argan oil hard soap is :

  • Rich in omega 6 and vitamin E
  • Acts against skin dryness
  • Its moisturizing effect delays the appearance of wrinkles
  • Regenerates tired skin.
  • Relieves burns, sunburn, chapping, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis) and anti-acne
  • Restores radiance to your skin and hair.


We will use the soap with argan oil morning and evening, having taken care to lather it well between our wet hands before applying it to the skin areas of the face and body to be treated. Then rinsing it abundantly with the clear water.

Moreover, this argan hard soap is the perfect product for cleaning the face and the whole body. To use twice a day for perfect hygiene and it can replace easily the shower gel.

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