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Argan Oil Culinary Extra Virgin
Argan Oil Culinary Extra Virgin
Argan Oil Culinary Extra Virgin

Argan Oil Culinary Extra Virgin

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Argan oil culinary extra virgin

It is our mission to offer the best quality  Argan oil culinary extra virgin as it is the best edible vegetable oil in the world. Deliciously tasting, superb in composition, and nutritious. The poster child for sustainable sourcing. Undiluted, pure and organic certified. Tested for centuries, rarely produced for use outside the local communities.

Argan Oil Culinary Extra Virgin

Why us ?

Supply chain

Based in morocco since 2006. We have established relations with the argan community involved in the Argan oil production. And sharing our passion in providing the best product possible. Pure, undiluted- and tasty! We engage with scientists, researchers, share knowledge, participate in clinical trials studying the benefits of Argan oil for humans. And publish results on this website.


Transparency in the value chain is key. And organic certification, such as 100% USDA organic. Which ensures standards are met and a paper trail on origin and pressing is in documents . Before export, a government agency lab has to release shipments after testing on purity and acidity: Extra-Virgin or Virgin.     

Argan oil culinary extra virgin properties 


  1.  Wild harvested by hand and respectfully sourced in the Argan Bio-Reservoir around Tardouant where the terroir is hilly. The argan trees root deep and sun and winds have positive effects on the quality of the argan fruits.
  2. We crack it by hand, and selected the kernels from artisan roasting by our ‘maître torréfacteur’ monitoring temperature, time and texture.  After quality control. Kernels are cold-pressed produced in small batches, with a rigid filtration process to provide top quality culinary argan oil.
  3. Best in class manufacturing standards, with a keen eye on hygienic standards, by observing. Tests on the chemical composition -acidity-, texture, and taste ensure only the best quality.  We put Extra Virgin, for bottling into our black colored bottles.       


But the taste is something different -and experience and knowledge matter to get a great tasting oil. Our Argan oil culinary extra virgin (EVAO) has a delightful nutty taste and is very versatile to cook, marinate, bake or finish with.  

The result is a luminous oil balancing a slight flavor reminiscent of hazelnut and pistachio, with a crisp and pleasant robust finish. No worries about nut allergies, as the argan kernel is a stone fruit, just like a peach.


Proven to help reduce cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and much more. Never diluted, nothing artificial added. Clean label: one ingredient. Tasty and Healthy, enjoy!

Argan oil culinary extra virgin a type of appetizing Argan Oil. The kernels of nuts are sent to toast before squeezing them to make Argan Oil for eating and cooking. It has its golden color and distinct nutty taste. It is culinary Argan Oil is a food oil  for cooking, eating and as a nutritional supplement because of its many health advantages.

We extract Oil-rich Argan kernels from hard Argan nuts to create Argan Oil for consumption. The white Argan kernels are cooked prior to being cold-pressed.

An genuine Argan oil culinary extra virgin prepared for eating, food preparation. Or use as a nutritional supplement should be golden reddish brown, with a grilled nutty aroma and a yummy nutty flavour. This is the distinction between edible Argan Oil and cosmetic Argan Oil.

Although people use culinary Argan Oil in cooking, the baking procedure renders it inappropriate for makeup use. Culinary Argan Oil is indeed a super-healthy, natural, FDA and USDA certified oil. It contains a variety of healthy nutrients and has a delicious flavour.

Benefits of Argan oil culinary extra virgin:

For centuries, Moroccans have used argan oil in their cooking, not only for its delicate, nutty flavour, but also for its broad variety of potential medical benefits. This natural plant oil is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree's fruit. Despite its Moroccan origins, pople use argan oil is now in all over the world for a variety of culinary, skincare products, and medical uses.

Argan oil culinary extra virgin: Boost Heart Health:

Argan oil contains a high concentration of oleic acid, unsaturated fats, and omega-9 fat.

In one tiny human research. Argan oil is similar to olive oil in its ability to decrease the risk of heart disease by influencing anti - oxidant blood levels. Another small human study says that consuming more argan oil was linked to lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. And greater levels of antioxidants in the body.

Argan oil culinary extra virgin: Reduce Signs of Skin Aging:

Argan oil has gained immense popularity as a component in numerous beauty products. According to some studies, consuming argan oil may help slow the ageing efficiency by eliminating inflammatory process and oxidative pressure. A few small researches suggests that argan oil, when consumed or implemented directly to your surface, may be successful in reducing signs of ageing.

Argan oil culinary extra virgin: Treat Some Skin Conditions:

For centuries, Argan oil culinary extra virgin been an extremely popular method for treating offensive skin problems, particularly in North Africa, where argan trees grow. Despite the fact that there no scientific proof to assist argan oil's capacity to cure particular skin infectious diseases,people widely use it for this reason.

While argan oil has historically cure skin problems, there is little evidence to back this up. However, anti-inflammatory additives may be beneficial to skin tissue.

Argan oil culinary extra virgin: Nutritional Information:

The oil is full of antioxidants, essential fats, Beta Amyrine, Butyrospermol, Lupenol, plant sterols, as well as other biologically active essential minerals.

We recommand to take it as a supplement or inserted to food while preparing food, these foods have been shown to have significant health advantages in the medication of a wide range of medical disorders. It includes information about energy in calories (kcal), fat content, carbohydrate, sugars, nutrients, and sodium.

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