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Organic cosmetic argan oil

Organic cosmetic argan oil 50 ml

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Organic cosmetic argan oil

Fashion is back to nature. We no longer prefer to put chemicals on our face, body or in our hair. And we turn to use more healthier and organic products. With Organic cosmetic argan oil , you will be sure to find the new essential companion for your daily life.

There are products in nature that people use for decades. And that we have abandoned in favor of products that respect neither our skin nor the environment. organic argan oil. Originated in the south of Morocco where the argan tree grows. People call it "gift of God", because argan oil brings many benefits.

This oil from Morocco, rich in vitamin E and in antioxidants. People renown it for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties. Its antioxidant content allows it to be an ideal active product to fight against the signs of skin aging, beside that its fatty acids help to restore both suppleness and softness to dry and undernourished skin.

Argan Oil is known to:

  • Defend skin from sun harm
  • Facilitate to heal broken skin cells and cut back inflammation
  • act as a moisturiser and anti-ager.
  • forestall and cut back stretch marks
  • heal skin infections
  • guarantee lips keep plump
  • restore skin, hair and nails
    Organic cosmetic argan oil

Why us?

Our Organic cosmetic argan oil is cold pressed from argan kernels using a mechanical process that preserves the integrity of the ingredient composition. This Argan oil is 100% organic pure and clean of any chemicals or pesticides. We can apply it to hair, as a skin moisturizer, and as an anti-aging oil.

we have a tendency to suggest on our ZineGlob natural organic cosmetic argan oil, that conjointly carries FDA and USDA certification for organic cosmetics. Our organic cosmetic Argan oil is a 100% pure and natural oil, using it alone or combined with different ingredients in cosmetics. A bottle of this oil lasts an extended time, because the oil is incredibly economical. It’s accessible currently in bottles of 50ml.

Organic cosmetic argan oil: beauty benefits

Actions on the skin

On a purely cosmetic level, argan oil makes us benefit from its many qualities.

The vitamin E contained in this vegetable oil is very widely appreciated for its antioxidant qualities. Argan oil for the face an anti-wrinkle product, because its composition has the effect of fighting against the harmful actions of free radicals.

It also works to preserve the elasticity of the skin. In addition, the lipids contained in argan oil promote the slowing down of skin aging by protecting the skin in particular against U.V. Finally, acne-prone skin will appreciate the regulation of sebum operated by this oil.

Hair care

The skin is not the only beneficiary of the properties of this golden oil. The scalp can also as well take full advantage of its nourishing and beneficial action. cosmetic organic argan is particularly effective for dry and brittle hair. it nourishes and strengthenes hair.

How to use organic cosmetic argan oil?

Argan oil can replace your day cream

Try our organic cosmetic argan oil. It is excellent for the skin because it allows better elasticity but also better suppleness. Argan oil is considered as well as a natural anti-aging. Very rich in antioxidants, it effectively works against skin aging. we can use it to moisturize the body, organic cosmetic argan oil is we can use it not only on the face but also on hair also.

If you want to use it as a cosmetic product, it's better to choose a cold-pressed oil, so as not to denature the antioxidants it contains. To be sure of having a good product, we will also advise you to choose an organic oil that will maintain the balance of your epidermis.

Argan oil as healing

In case of dry skin, cracks, stretch marks or eczema, you will find with our organic cosmetic argan oil an excellent remedy. This golden oil has for sure quite exceptional and beneficial healing properties. It will as well allow you to soothe itching or also to fight irritation of the skin. Helps to soften damaged skin by a scar, argan oil will as well be very beneficial.

In winter, you better use it as a lip balm. Apply it every night on your lips and you will no longer suffer from chapping. Also consider applying it to your hands and feet before going to bed, especially if you frequently suffer from frostbite. This oil is often recommended for pregnant women as it helps them to avoid stretch marks on the stomach, upper thighs and breasts.

pure argan oil

Organic cosmetic argan oil fights acne effectively

As surprising as it may seem, organic cosmetic argan oil is formidable for fighting acne. We would tend to think that applying an oil to oily skin could only aggravate the situation, but thanks to its antioxidant power, organic cosmetic argan oil allows acne-prone skin to regain its balance and health, without clogging its pores.

In addition, with its healing properties it allows the skin to regenerate more easily and also to reduce skin inflammation. To use organic argan oil in the treatment of acne-prone skin, you need to apply a few drops in the morning and evening to clean, cleansed skin.

Organic cosmetic argan oil protects the hair and nourishes it

Do you want to put an end to these hair masks stuffed with toxic products? Use our organic cosmetic argan oil. If you want to take care of your hair, this oil is considered as an ideal product. It will for sure nourish them deeply and also protect them from external aggressions. It will also help you to repair split ends and make your hair more softer and more shinier.

Argan oil is expensive, so use it wisely. Do not make a mask with the oil but only add a few drops of argan oil to your shampoo. You will be truly amazed at the result: stronger and silkier hair. For those who have done coloring, this oil helps to keep the shine of the chosen color longer.


Organic cosmetic argan oil


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