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Varicose veins are permanent dilations of the subcutaneous veins, generally of the lower limbs. This is one of the most common pathologies in adults. Which can nevertheless be treated with our Argan anti-varicose vein oil. Apply it directly to the areas with Varicose veins daily, for 10 to 15 minutes a day. The morning and evening, accompanied by light massages.

This Anti- varicose argan oil is a good circulatory tonic that brings lightness to heavy legs. It also helps to dispel the effects of fatigue and muscle cramps. Its richness in vitamin A and E and in unsaponifiables boosts its nourishing and restructuring action. As well as it reserves the softness and suppleness of the skin.

Our Anti- Varicose argan oil will not only moisturize the skin on your legs. It helps to reduce inflammation and soreness in your feet , as it has-Anti- inflammatory advantages , therefore reducing varicose. It has as well beneficial effect on both lymphatic and venous circulation.

Why us?

We put our best efforts to provide the highest quality products, that are organic and completely clean of any chemicals. certified by USDA and FDA. By placing the bulk order, we make sure that our costumers get the best prices, alongside many other advantages including bottling, labeling, packing, and shipping.

Varicose veins: damaged veins?

The veins of the lower limbs

Veins are blood vessels whose role is to allow the return of blood from organs to the heart (unlike arteries, which bring blood from the heart to other organs). In the lower limbs, blood return is ensured by two interconnected venous networks.

The first is  "deep" - it consists of veins located in the muscles. 90% of the venous blood of the lower limbs passes through this network.

The second is“superficial”. It is located closer to the skin. It supports the remaining 10% of venous blood. It is organized around the so-called “saphenous” veins.

The dilation of the veins

Normally, the veins of the superficial network are made up of a wall and have valves (valves) preventing the reflux of blood. When the wall is damaged, dilatations occur in places. The valves lose their efficiency. At the level of these expansions, the blood then begins to stagnate or flow back. This is  a varicose vein.

How to get rid of Varicose veins?

If you're looking for a natural treatment for varices, you've come to the right place. Using this 100% natural and organic product, you can now take care of your body so that varicose veins do not take over your health and appearance. Rich in vitamin E, and anti-oxidants Anti- varicose argan oil has the ability to act on varicose veins and make your varicose veins disappear.

The benefits of argan oil anti- varices

The Anti- varicose argan oil helps to improve blood circulation in order to distribute the swelling of veins. Varicose veins cause fatigue and cramps. The Anti- varicose argan oil is a 100% natural product we make it from pure Moroccan argan oil. Argan oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other nutrients that help to protect the skin against external aggressions.

Its composition is based on ingredients of vegetable oil as well as essential oils that are traditionally used for their ability to improve the circulation of blood.

Argan oil, or "liquid gold" , is an amazing product people use it for many things. It has anti-aging properties and makes your skin look much younger. It also improves the quality of your hair and nails at the same time.

Another great thing about this product is that it helps to improve blood circulation in order to distribute the swelling of veins. Varicose veins cause fatigue and cramps, but with Anti-varicose you don't have to worry anymore!

This anti- varicose argan oil thins the blood and naturally improves venous and lymphatic circulation, effectively fighting against varicosities, or the appearance of small blood vessels on the legs. With its wide range of action, it improves blood circulation, strengthens veins and capillaries, while activating their movement, and significantly reduces the size of swollen veins.

Properties of Anti- varicose argan oil

  • Improves blood circulation: this treatment with argan oil against varicose veins stimulates good blood circulation, which helps to distribute the swelling of the veins on the lower limb, especially the legs, thighs and behind the knees.

  • Calming and relaxing: the use of this Anti- varicose argan oil against varicose veins helps reduce cramps and fatigue caused by varicose veins.

  • Painkiller: an excellent natural remedy for pain caused by spider veins and varicose veins. It restores strength to those who use it in order to be free to perform any movement.

  • Make varicose veins disappear thanks to this argan oil. Its action is beneficial on the venous and lymphatic circulation… It will eliminate all kinds of discomfort caused by the dilation of the veins.

How to use Anti- varicose argan oil?

Pour the Anti- varicose argan oil facilitating blood circulation on the hand then heat slightly.

Massage the swollen veins with the oil from bottom to top for a few minutes. This promotes blood circulation and reduces pain and inflammation.

Repeat this action twice a day for one to two months for its effects to persist.

Apply Anti-Varicose Argan oil on body on daily basis for better results

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