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Amlou is a Berber exceptionally nourishing spread Food. It is ultra rich in protein and Vitamin E,  mineral salts and vitamins,digestive enzymes,
Amlou is content of pure honey, sweet almond , and edible Argan oil. It is traditionally consumed in the Souss of Morocco ( Agadir ) in plat like breakfast and barcoucse. It helps with digestion and the absorption of fats, stimulates insulin release, contributes to lowering bad cholesterol levels, and provides energy and strength. It is thus particularly recommended in the morning every day.

Amlou an exceptionally Food Moroccan breakfast spread. Made with Sweet Almonds, Argan Oil, and USDA  organic and pure Honey. A must spread which complements Moroccan meal tray.

Moroccan Amlou is known all over the world. Who does not know the Bercoucs, Moroccan couscous, and the famous Moroccan Gastronomy.

Amlou always used a variety of bread. 

Amlou is Somthing special for Berber Amazigh Women, Amlou is tradition of Our Life here in Souss Agadir from Child old, 

Amlou is a Paste Berber Moroccan edible preparation made from sweet almonds, of organic argan oil and pure honey. It is a tonic that is served at breakfast, as a snack, in spreadable paste on barley bread, corn or wheat. Amlou Food also brings all kinds of pastry. The preparation is made on the basis of toasted almonds and looted, oil roasted Argan food and pure honey Natural.


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