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Organic alum stone powder

Organic alum stone powder is an exceptional product. Alum stone is  a salt crystal (alum) that is naturally mined from many regions round the world. It comes during a type of forms; however, its main active ingredient is aluminum potassium sulfate.

This powder is  from “potassium alum stone”. organic Alum stone powder has wonderful skin lightening properties and it helps fade skin disease scars and dark spots well.

The alum stone during this powder is that the purest hydrated oxide within the world. We tend to did compose it from 100% natural alunite. It's freed from all chemicals, parabens, sulfates. it's conjointly gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Moreover, organic alum stone powder conjointly has anti-microorganism properties. Creating it very effective for not solely skin lightening however conjointly for treating several skin issues. It has multiple uses from beauty, to health uses as well as its uses in culinary.   

We put our best efforts to provide the highest Alum  powder quality. Which doesn't have a smell, and completely clean of any chemicals. Our bulk Alum powder is pure and organic.

Many large cosmetic and non-cosmetic brands are already taking advantage of the private label facility. With the bulk orders, we make sure that our customers get the best prices. Alongside many other advantages including bottling, labeling, packing, and shipping.

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Organic Alum stone powder Properties:

Alum powder is from rock type of alum. Its fine grains are colorless, clear and have a crystalline structure. It has some distinctive properties because of that we discover such a lot of totally different uses.

  • Hemostatic, alum stone helps to reduce bleeding in case of existing minor cuts
  • Alum has an antibacterial property that fights against bacterial growth responsible for the unpleasant smell in the perspiration zones
  • Calming properties, alum powder is useful when there is little bites, irritations, or itching
  • useful in wound healing, astringent
  • Odorless and colorless


    Alum Stone powder may be a natural and pure salt crystal. the merchandise has no odor. It will effectively take away microorganism, odor and wet and keep skin dry while not irritation. People use it as an astringent for skin beauty.  Alum powder causes cells to shrink and removes excess oil from the skin. Creating it effective for the reduction of skin disease scars and pigmentation marks.

    The topical application of Alum Stone powder is found to be helpful for mouth ulcers because of its robust healing activity. moreover, Alum stone powder is often helping conjointly for once shaving treatment, as it helps to boot for once shaving treatment. it is a styptic for minor hemorrhage from shaving cuts.

    Victimization toiletry for very long time may be one amongst the causes of black underarms or dark underarms. Victimization alum powder as toiletry will facilitate to induce obviate black underarm downside.



    Organic Alum stone powder is employed to manage trauma once there are minor cuts that happen throughout shaving. as a result of it prevents microorganism growth and cut back inflammation. this could facilitate cut back the chance of a shaving rash or infection. Also, after you use the alum powder paste on the skin for a protracted amount of your time, it will cut back the expansion of unwanted hair.

    Organic Alum stone powder as a powerful deodorant

    Alum stone powder may be a common ingredient in antiperspirants for its ability to cut back sweating. Alum stone powder is employed as a natural toiletry for rankness because it has the potential of inhibiting microorganism growth that is to blame for rankness.

    Organic Alum stone powder helps to get rid of Acne

    Organic Alum stone powder works against pimples, acne marks, acne scars and acne treatment. people widely use Alum powder for the treatment of acne and pimple problems. Alum stone powder is very helpful for tightening the skin.

    Plus, it is useful for adjustment the skin. Thanks to its astringent properties that helps to take away excess oil from the skin, which may be a major cause for acne or pimples.

    Alum stone powder for hair removal

    Alum  powder has the flexibility to get rid of the unwanted hair on a female’s face and body. Alum stone powder cannot take away full hair growth from your face however we tend to advocate to use Alum once waxing because it prevents the regrowth of hairs. once the removal of unwanted hair from the body, alum stone powder will soothe the burning skin and produce it much-needed relief.


    To use alum powder for acne

    Combine alum powder with water and apply it on the acne in yur skin. Leave it for twenty minutes and wash the face with clean water. Regular usage of alum powder reduces the skin acne.

    Alum stone powder and rosewater mask for dark spots.

    Each the ingredients, Rosewater and Alum powder, once used frequently, will lighten or soften dark spots and puffy eyes, while not irritating your skin. combine rosewater with alum powder, till you get a paste-like consistency. apply the paste everywhere your cleansed face and neck space for ten minutes and leave it to dry. After that wash your face off with warm water and pat it dry.

    Alum stone powder for hair removal ladies

    In ancient ages use alum for removing unwanted facial hairs.

    Take one tablespoon of Alum powder and blend it with one tablespoon lukewarm water. Apply this on the higher lips wherever probabilities of hair growth may be most during a feminine.

    after shaving take some alum  powder and rub it completely all over your skin . Its astringent qualities can help against little shaving cuts and therefore, forestall infection.

    Get obviate dark spots

    to induce obviate dark spots strive victimization alum powder dissolved in water on the affected areas each morning except for this, you'll conjointly apply alum powder as a pack. For this, create a paste by mixture one teaspoon of vegetable oil with one teaspoon of alum powder.

    Helps tighten the skin

    The skin starts drooping with age and alum powder helps to tighten it. For this, use a pinch of alum powder with one teaspoon of egg whites and essence. Now, apply it to the face and let it dry. Wash your face with cold water once it dries fully. do that remedy 2 to a few times every week and see the distinction in your look.<

    Alum for Wrinkles

    Thanks to internal or perhaps external factors the skin can lose flexibility resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. They ruin your look further as show pre-aging signs. known agents extant in alum block could assist you in decreasing wrinkles.

    To use alum powder against wrinkles put the alum powder in water and leave it for two hours, after that rub your face with that mixture of water and alum powder. After that wash your face with clean cold water. 


    Before shopping, the costumer is ought to make sure that initial the alum is in an exceedingly solid crystal kind and second that the alum is in semitransparent in look. Alum stone powder is put in a  prepackaging in an exceedingly air- tight instrumentation and additionally it ought to be in correct prepackaged condition.



    • Alum stone is one in all the foremost ancient ways in which to confirm that water is clean. A pinch of alum  powder once extra to water removes the solid impurities. alum powder helpsto kill bacterium. Alum powder could be a nice water setup since it makes solid impurities settle at rock bottom of the instrumentation.
    • because of the acidic part of Alum powder some business baking powders.
    • Alum powder is also helps in pickling recipes and as a preservative to keep up fruit and vegetable crispness.


    Proper storage plays a crucial role within the life of the alum stone powder. Once the alum stone powder is exposed to water or wet, the crystals begin to dissolve. whereas this is often nice for immediate use, it’s not therefore nice for semipermanent storage.

    It’s necessary to store the alum powder in an exceedingly cool, dry place with access to adequate flowing. This helps evaporate excess wet between uses to stay your powder dry. Store the alum stone powder in crystal kind/ powder form in an exceedingly air-tight instrumentation in an exceedingly cool, dark and dry place.



    • Alum, in its varied forms, is often used as associate astringent and antiseptic. this is often the most reason why it's accustomed inhibit foulness once used as natural toiletry.
    • The astringent and antiseptic properties in double salt additionally facilitate in reducing hurt in minor abrasions and cuts, nosebleeds etc.
    • Alum in powder or crystal kind, or in styptic pencils, is typically applied to cuts to forestall or treat infection.
    • Alum is employed in vaccines as associate adjuvant to reinforce the body's response to immunogens.
    • fine-grained alum is often cited as a home remedy for ulcers. Use as a mouth wash : one in all the key causes of foul breath is unquestionably the build of bacterium, which frequently produce toxins and acids. Brushing teeth alongside with alum gargle prevents the microorganism growth further as washes off the bacterium.


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