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Top 12 Argan Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Top 12 Argan Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Because of its natural containment of many essential fatty acids( Omega 6 and 9), high tocopherols( vitamin A and E) anti-oxidants ,pure Argan Oil nourish, heal and beautify. The best time to use Argan Oil and its best absorption is on a completely clean skin and on a completely clean hair, especially after bathing. It is easily absorbed and leaves no trace, benefits are better and results are quicker to appear. Try massaging a few drops of Argan Oil into cuticles, hands and feet before bed each night. With it’s multiple uses, beauty properties of cosmetics and benefits, Argan Oil is proven to : * protect skin from sun damage * help to heal damaged skin cells and reduce inflammation * act as a moisturiser and anti-ager all in one. * prevent and reduce stretch marks * treat acne * heal skin infections * ensure lips stay plump * restore skin, hair and nails * rejuvenate and revitalize hair and skin in general * foot Treatment * make hair softer, silkier and shinier * keep skin and hair soft, healthy and hydrated during pregnancy …etc.

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