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ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
Organic oils

Organic oils

Organic oils are produced in remarkable diversity by plants, animals, and other organisms through natural metabolic processes. Lipid is the scientific term for the fatty acids, steroids and similar chemicals often found in the oils produced by living things, while oil refers to an overall mixture of chemicals. Organic oils may also contain chemicals other than lipids, including proteins, waxes, and alkaloids.

Organic oils benefits

Lipids can be classified by the way that they are made by an organism, their chemical structure and their limited solubility in water compared to oils. They have a high carbon and hydrogen content and are considerably lacking in oxygen compared to other organic compounds and minerals; they tend to be relatively nonpolar molecules, but may include both polar and nonpolar regions as in the case of phospholipids and steroids.

Organic oils culinary uses

Several edible vegetable and animal oils, and also fats, are used for various purposes in cooking and food preparation. In particular, many foods are fried in oil much hotter than boiling water. Oils are also used for flavoring and for modifying the texture of foods.

Cooking oils are derived from plant oils from the olive, maize, sunflower, and many other species.

Organic oils hair benefits

Oils are applied to hair to give it a lustrous look, to prevent tangles and roughness and to stabilize the hair to promote growth.

Organic oils certificate USDA NOP FDA...

When looking for argan oil try to make sure the kind you get is certified organic. This certification confirms the quality of the products, as well as eliminating harmful toxins such as pesticides from the oil. Also, ensure that the argan oil you are purchasing is fresh. And this certification is available in zineglob company, we can offer it to our client to make sure our argan oil is certified organic and pure.

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