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Organic Beauty products

Organic Beauty products

Does everybody talk about how important it is to use organic beauty products, but is really that big of a deal? We would say so. That’s why we are dedicated to producing products that are actually good for your body.


We are Zineglob, a cosmetic and beauty supply company. We are leaders in the production and exporting of natural and certified organic products. We are based in Agadir City, which is known for its 100% organic oils.


Here in Agadir City is where Argan Oil and Prickly Pear is produced. That is why you will find an abundance of these organic oils. Many shampoos, conditioners, and hair products are using these two types of oil in their formulas. Why? Because these oils are healthy for your hair.


Organic products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. That’s why it is best to use organic oils versus those that are not.


If you haven’t ever used oil on your hair before, then you’ll be surprised at how soft it will feel afterward. Many of our customers use the oils for a range of reasons such as:


  • Hydration
  • Hair growth
  • Restoration
  • Shine
  • Conditioning
  • Tame flyaways


These same oils can be used on your skin as well. Many of our customers use the oils for anti-aging and softening their skin. It is not recommended for use on your face, but for the rest of your skin, it can be very beneficial.


Since you are putting these products directly on your skin and in your hair, you want to be sure it’s not made with fillers or unnatural ingredients.


We aren’t a company that just claims to produce organic products, we have the proof to back it up. Our products are certified, by NOP, EOS, USDA, and FDA. You can feel confident in your purchase.

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