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Extra Virgin Culinary Argan Oil cold pressed certified usda Organic

Extra Virgin Culinary Argan Oil cold pressed certified usda Organic

Argan Oil culinary is our mission to offer the best quality  Extra Virgin Culinary Argan Oil as it is the best edible vegetable oil in the world. Deliciously tasting, superb in composition, and nutritious. The poster child for sustainable sourcing. Undiluted, pure and organic certified. Tested for centuries, rarely produced for use outside the local communities.

Supply chain

* Based in Agadir since 2007, we have established relations with the argan community involved in the Argan oil production and sharing our passion in providing the best product possible. Pure, undiluted- and tasty! We engage with scientists, researchers, share knowledge, participate in clinical trials studying the benefits of Argan oil for humans and publish results on this website.


* Wild harvested by hand and respectfully sourced in the Argan Bio-Reservoir around Agadir - tiznit - Tardouant where the terroir is hilly. The argan trees root deep and sun and winds have positive effects on the quality of the argan fruits.

* the first step is the Cracked by hand, the kernels are selected for artisan roasting by our ‘maître torréfacteur’ monitoring temperature, time and texture.  After quality control, kernels are cold-pressed produced in small batches, with a rigid filtration process to provide top quality culinary argan oil.

* the High in class manufacturing standards, with a keen eye on hygienic standards, are observed. Tests on the chemical composition -acidity-, texture, and taste ensure only the best quality, Extra Virgin, is released for bottling into our black colored bottles.


the clearance Argan Oil culinary  in the value chain is key, and organic certification, such as 100% USDA organic, ensures standards are met and a paper trail on origin and pressing is documented. Before export, the end step befor ship made in  laboratory has to release shipments after testing on purity and acidity:           


But the taste is something different -and experience and knowledge matter to get a great tasting oil. Our Extra Virgin Argan Oil  has a delightful nutty taste and is very versatile to cook gastronomy , marinate Argan oil , bake or finish .  The result is a luminous oil balancing layers of rich hazelnut and pistachio like flavor, Argan oil culinary is very delicious lovely, 

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