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Culinary Argan Oil

Culinary Argan Oil

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil

Culinary Argan Oil ZINEGLOB is a food and Edible made for eating, cooking and is also used as a dietary supplement for its many health and Gastronomy benefits.

To make Culinary Argan Oil ZINEGLOB for eating the oil-rich Argan kernels are extracted from the hard Argan Fruits .
Next the white Argan kernels are roasted before the final cold-pressing.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

An authentic Culinary Argan Oil ZINEGLOB prepared for eating, cooking or use as a dietary supplement should have a golden brown colour, toasted nutty aroma and delicious nutty taste.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

While the difference between food-grade Argan Oil which is edible and cosmetic Argan Oil.
This Process of cook with culinary Argan Oil but the roasting process makes it unsuitable for cosmetic use.

Culinary Argan Oil ZINEGLOB is also a super-healthy, CE,  NOP and USDA certified organic, edible oil.
It contains a wide range of healthy nutrients as well as having a great Gastronomy.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

Culinary Argan Oil has a very versatile flavour and is used to create many types of Edible including :

  1. Salad Dressings, Couscous, Tagine...
  2. Nutty Salsas
  3. Creamy, Spicy Sauces
  4. Grilled Fish
  5. Rich Toasted Cheeses Salads
  6. Dried Fruit Recipes
  7. Roasted Vegetables
  8. Biscuits and Brownies
  9. Desert Pasta Dishes
  10. Spreads and Ice Cream Toppings

In Moroccan cooking Culinary Argan Oil ZINEGLOB is used for its toasted, creamy, nutty flavour.

It is rarely used for high-temperature cooking and frying.
Culinary Argan Oil can be used for medium heat applications such as pan-frying ingredients, frying onions or frying a chicken with spices.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

It is a very versatile oil which can be used in a range of cuisines. It adds flavour and richness to sweet and savoury dishes.
Use it to create unique nutty salad dressings, sauces, pour on food, such as roasted pepper, before serving or stirred into soups, roasts or Tagines.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

Use to create sweet sauces, pour on grilled goat cheese with almonds, blend with honey to create a breakfast spread, blend with melted chocolate or cream to create unique ice cream toppings.

In Morocco this oil is most often enjoyed dipping bread into the oil and eating


ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

Many studies now confirm that Culinary Argan Oil could be of value in treating symptoms of some difficult health problems.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

The oil is made up of a complex of antioxidants, fatty acids, Beta Amyrine, Butyrospermol, Lupenol, plant sterols and other powerful of bio-active nutrients.
When eaten as a supplement or added to food when cooking these nutrients have been proven to have strong health benefits for the treatment of many common health problems such as:

  1. Cholesterol Reduction
  2. Cardiovascular Disease – Heart Disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Arthritis
  5. Weight & BMI

You should always use toasted, culinary Argan Oil for a dietary supplement. Cosmetic Argan Oil is quite safe to eat but does not have the same properties. This is because the toasting process brings our certain health properties from the Argan Nut Kernels.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

You should also be aware that in Morocco we produce two slightly different types of Culinary Argan Oil.
One is used for dipping and eating with bread. This type of culinary Argan Oil has a stronger, more toasted bitter flavour and may be darker in colour.

However, the stronger toasting process reduces the healthy properties of the oil a little and can leave it a little bitter for cooking with.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

The other type is toasted less. It is more suitable for use in cooking as it has a milder, creamy and nutty flavour without bitterness.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health

To make this grade of oil the nut kernels must be expertly toasted at just the right temperature and for the right length of time to allow the taste, aroma and colour to develop without compromising the nutritional value or reducing the vitamin E content. 

This is the best type of culinary Argan Oil to use as a health supplement and for cooking. It is currently the only grade that we stock.

You will find detailed explainations of the health benefits of using culinary Argan Oil in our separate, in-depth articles.

ZINEGLOB Culinary Argan Oil For Cooking and Health


Nutritional Information :

This table shows full dietary information.

It contains details of energy in calories ( kcal ), fat content, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt.
Figures are given for a single 15ml Tablespoon – the typical daily dose used in studies.

Culinary Argan Oil Zineglob nutritional information :

Serving Size:  Tablespoon 14ml 0.51 fl oz
Saturated Fats:
Palmitic Acid 12.5%
Stearic Acid 5.8%


2.7 g 0.094 oz
Poly Unsaturated Fats:
Linoleic Acid 34%
5.0 g 0.18 oz
Mono Unsaturated Fats:
Oleic Acid 45%


6.3 g 0.22 oz
Total Fat 13 g 0.46 oz
Total Carbs 0g 0 oz
Total Protein 0g 0 oz

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