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ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
Amlou Moroccan Paste

Amlou Moroccan Paste

Amlou is a Paste Moroccan culinary preparation made from looted almonds, of organic argan oil and pure honey. It is a tonic that is served at breakfast, as a snack, in spreadable paste on barley bread, corn or wheat. It also brings all kinds of pastry. The preparation is made on the basis of toasted almonds and looted, oil roasted Argan food and pure honey.


the bereber Traditional argan almond honey paste from Agadir in Morocco
This very tasty amlou paste is best and ideal for dipping bread or as a spread. It contains only three ingredients: argan oil, honey, almonds
Amlou is made by hand by our family in Morocco in the city of Agadir with a stone mill and is preserved solely by the honey. There are no other ingredients or binders, as well as preservatives in Amlou.
The paste amlou is also very good for weight loss, for those who like to snack. 
If necessary, you can even add honey to make the whole thing a few little sweeter.

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