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A Brief History Of Moroccan Argan Oil

A Brief History Of Moroccan Argan Oil

For centuries, Amazigh Moroccan women (Berbers or sleuths) of southwestern Morocco use Argan Oil for their food and cosmetic virtues. The people in this region have used and processed the oil for generations employing thousands of women. They have turned argan oil into one of the main economic opportunities in a region stricken by poverty and unemployment, where the only alternatives are livestock or migration. For years ZINEGLOB, extracts, produces and exports Argan Oil from Agadir where it is based in southwestern Morocco abroad to many countries. ZINEGLOB the famous Argan Oil company founded on 2006 in Agadir city on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean is a leader in its field, it is the renowned manufacturer of organic argan oil and the best organic products factory in Morocco. Beside the pure Argan Oil, ZINEGLOB is known for producing and exporting various other organic products: pure prickly pear oil, rose water, ghassoul clay, and creams …. etc. In this article, we will focus on the argan oil the little miracle for the Skin, Hair and Health, and the main ZINEGLOB’s products. Argan Oil production has always a socioeconomic function. For centuries the oil has been extracted from the inside nuts through an exhausting, slowly-mastered craft local women learn since an early age, and then pass on to the next generation.

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