ZINEGLOB | First producer of Organic Moroccan Argan oil
100% Organic Fair Trade Argan Oil - Zineglob from Morocco

100% Organic Fair Trade Argan Oil - Zineglob from Morocco

A special attention was given by ZINEGLOB especially to the berber women producer of Argan Oil in order to provide the necessary and sufficient conditions to be a security for certain group of individuals belonging to marginalized populations who are experiencing a crisis of social link and their families. Open to the different components of the social economy namely, cooperatives, associations, mutual societies, foundations, economic interest groups and professional unions ,ZINEGLOB involved local populations of berbers (Amazighs) who need support to develop their work in the Southern Morocco and help with improvements to basic management of natural resources, revenue-generating activities , capacity reinforcement, and others. to achieve better results and product marketing. ZINEGLOB, the figurative and symbolic company of culinary and cosmetic Argan Oil 100% natural certified organic is a real-world example of business ethics and governance. Employing over 450 women , ZINEGLOB drawed attention to the universal, moral, intellectual and professional values of humanity and individual independence , and called on to ensure equal access to work and vocational training between the sexes and to support women's participation in decision-making, civil action and economic activities. Its culture of solidarity and collective work that constitutes the founding principle of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is part of the tradition and practices of ZINEGLOB.

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