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This conditioner with argan oil is indicated for dry and limp hair. Thanks to its formula rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it hydrates and moisturizes the hair deeply for a smooth and silky strands. It helps to deliver moisture where needed the most, it’s the product to include in everyday hair care routine. Use this conditioner after the shampoo with argan oil to deliver optimum benefits to your hair. It helps to repair dry and damaged hair, to catch up on regular hair washing routine, the conditioner with argan oil is the must product to enjoy hair that feels richly moisturized and more manageable, all in the time it takes to wash and rinse.


How to use

Wash your hair with argan oil shampoo, then rinse out and wring out your hair. Apply conditionner on hair’s strands and insist on the ends to nourish them deeply. Let the conditioner with argan oil set for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse out to get smoothy and silky hair.